Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
Can customers pay with cash?

Yes, customers can pay with cash using Order Chimps. Your waiting staff can accept the order on the Order Chimps Order Manager app, that’s all.

Customers can order extra items while they dine, and your waiting staff can simultaneously add items to the same order. Customers can pay later once they finish dining. The Order Chimps platform is unique, and no other systems offer these super essential features.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, pure and simple. We are doing everything we can to help your business. We are keeping the card processing and transaction fee as low as possible. All you pay is your monthly subscription and 1% +20p card processing fee for Mobile Table Ordering and Click & Collect modules. The Delivery module charges a 1.5% transaction fee in addition to the card processing fee. You can set delivery fees based on distance or order size from the ordering customer, with complete control over the set-up via Control Hub.

How easy is it to onboard Order Chimps?

Easy as 1,2, 3… First, you have to sign up for the subscription package and register with our payment processing partner. Within 2 working days, your merchant account with a payment processing partner will be ready. In the meantime, you can upload and get your menu ready; we provide all the support you need.

You have everything you need to get printed on your download centre in the Order Chimps Control Hub. Table talkers with QR codes for customers, informative posters to educate customers, ordering while waiting in the queue posters, guidelines to your staff etc.

We provide you with the instructions to integrate Mobile Table ordering, Click & Collect and Delivery buttons to your website. Your web designer can simply add them.

How is the customer experience with self-ordering?

Your customer experience has never been better with Order Chimps. Our research shows that not having to wait until the waiter arrives to order and digital visualisation of images on the menu has really encouraged customers to order freely and more. You can personalise the digital menu as many times as you want and add new items whenever you want.

Also, customers felt safer and were encouraged to visit more with Mobile Table Ordering. The design of Order Chimps made it easier for them to select menu items. The recommendations feature and search options really replaced the waiting staff. At the same time, the Order Manager app helps your team monitor every table and provide a complete service.